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Physical Requirements

This page is not intended to dissuade anyone from our tours, and our private tours can be catered to your individual needs. Yellowstone is at an elevation of over 8,000 ft, making it harder for people to hike, kayak, and even walk up stairs. We always try go as fast as the slowest person in the group, and we stop a lot to look at our surroundings. People that don't do some form of exercising at least three days a week will find some of these tours possibly strenuous. On our kayaking tours we are paddling on open water that is around 38 degrees, so in case of an accidental flip the client must be able to swim to shore. Of course this is a worst-case scenario, but safety is our utmost concern. If anyone has any ankle issues hiking can be tough, and a private boardwalk tour is strongly suggested. Please know that we can accommodate anyone on certain private tours, but some of our tours are not for everyone. Yellowstone is an amazing place but it can be temperamental with snow in the summer, thunderstorms, fires, wildlife encounters, and much more.