Alli and Justin Shurr are the owners and guides of Shurr Adventures, this dream/company started together 14 years ago with a 1994 geo prism with 220,000 miles and a 1,000 dollars in their bank account. Today there is no more Geo Prism and the business has grown a lot from excellent customer service, handwork, a great team on staff and safely guiding thousands of people through their outdoor careers. They operate in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons in the spring, summer, and fall. In the wintertime they own and operate a kayaking company in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. Justin and Alli are the “real deal” when it comes to guiding guests and training an excellent team on staff. When they are not in Yellowstone National Park they have spent the off seasons guiding rafts and hiking in places such as Colorado, Montana, Smoky Mountain National Park , West Virginia, North Carolina,  Costa Rica, Catalina Island, Redwoods, Everglades, and many more! Justin and Alli have worked in the outdoor eco-adventure industry for over 20 years each starting in college and with guests ranging from ages to 5 to 85! They strive to make lasting memories for your family and help you create the vacation of a lifetime! The husband and wife team of Justin and Alli will use their expertise to en-”Shurr” guests feel welcome, like they are paddling with friends. So what are you waiting for? Join them for a “Shurr” Adventure in Yellowstone and give us a call today!

Our Story

They met on the romantic and beautiful island of Catalina while working as marine science instructors....  

Justin started his guiding career around 17 years ago as a raft guide in Tennessee, where he got a bachelors degree in Geography and Photography at East Tennessee State University. In the summers he guided on Class V wild and scenic rivers in North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Colorado, and Costa Rica, until Alli and he opened up the Yellowstone National Park Tours (now they raft on their days off). He also taught outdoor education in the Redwoods, Michigan, Catalina Island, Costa Rica, and
Tennesee. Justin has been in Florida every year since he was an infant, and at the age of 7 told his parents that he was going to move to Florida. When his parents asked what he was going to do for work he said, ”catch lizards, look for birds, and play outside.” Justin’s first extensive trip to the Everglades was on a Spring Break trip, where he paddled the 99-Mile Wilderness Waterway Trail. This experience made him want to open a kayak outfitter company in Everglades National Park, but it wasn’t until he met Alli and showed her the everglades that the dream became a reality.  Once summer hit and the bugs got bad they headed to Yellowstone to start our second location in two of Americas National Parks.

    Alli studied Ecology and Marine Science at Seattle University and worked as a naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium for over five years, where she taught visitors and student groups about marine life and Seattle's surrounding areas. During the summers she worked as an interpretive naturalist on whale watching cruises and as a tide pool naturalist at local Seattle beaches for many years. She studied Tropical Marine Ecology in the Turks and Caicos Islands for three months, spending her time diving and snorkeling for class. After she graduated college she continued working as an outdoor educator on Catalina Island, where she met her husband Justin. On Catalina Island, she led snorkeling, sea kayaking, and hiking trips. Alli has taught and guided outdoors for the past 13 years all over the U.S. and in Costa Rica.

After Catalina, Justin and Alli got into the car and drove to Colorado to work for the summer as raft guides on the rivers in Colorado. After that summer and 6 months after they met, the two wed in true outdoor fashion on the beach of Lake Michigan in the fall. Alli hiked through the woods with her parents to the wedding ceremony, and Justin wore rafting gear over his wedding attire and paddled to meet his parents on shore as they walked him to meet his future wife and business partner. Thanks to Everyone that helped us for making this Dream a reality.

Our family Yellowstone trip gave us memories that lasted us a lifetime, join us on a tour so that we can give your friends for family those same memories
— Justin and Alli Shurr
Alli and here brother Tyler on their first Yellowstone trip

Alli and here brother Tyler on their first Yellowstone trip