Join Shurr Adventures biologist/naturalist guides Jake and Eliana (click here for bio) on a Lamar Valley Hiking Adventure.    This hiking adventure is the best hike in the park to see wildlife such as Bison, Bear, Pronghorns, Elk and Wolves in this amazing valley! Our Family Business is one the Top Rated Hiking and Kayaking Company's in Yellowstone National Park and Everglades National Park (winter).  With our customized tours you don't have to be worried about being the last in the group or too fast for the rest of the group.  Please scroll below for  photos and details of this amazing tour! 


Lamar Valley Trail (6 miles)

Trip Difficulty: Easy flat 6 miles

This Valley is famous for its wildlife sightings in the park for wolves, bear, herds of bison, pronghorn and much more. Our guides will give you a greater understanding of this amazing area, while hiking on this amazing valley. Though the wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, this is the best place in the park to search for them from a safe distance through our high end spotting scopes.  Lamar Valley is a flat out and back  trail with no gradient and an easy hike. We provide hiking poles, amazing lunch, snacks,  free trip photos from our guides, and a great overall  experience with people who truly care about making your trip to Yellowstone a trip of a lifetime!

Trip Location: Lamar Valley Trail Head

Nearest Lodging: Mammoth, Gardiner, Cooke City(closest)

Trip Times:  Early in the Morning is the best, but it is a private tour so its up you:)

Customized Pricing (4 to 6 hours) includes awesome  lunch customized to your needs, coconut water,  snacks, Professional Naturalist/Biologist, Hiking Poles, Trip photos taken by your guide, lots of smiles and great memories!

1 person $490

2 people $235(per person)

3 people $205 (per person)

4-5 people $175 (per person)

6-7 people $135 (per person)

more than 7 people $125 (per person)

*** We cannot book these tours online. Please text Alli Shurr(owner) at 239-300-3004  or email the date/time/type of hiking tour, and how many people are in your group. We will get back to you as soon as we get off the trail or water. We look forward to showing you this amazing place.