Join Shurr Adventures biologist/naturalist guides Jake and Eliana (click here for bio) on a Lonestar Geyser Hiking Adventure.    This hiking adventure is the best hike to see an active geyser without all the crowds. There is something to say about walking into a forest to see a geyser verses walking through the parking lot.  We are one of the Top Rated Hiking and Kayaking Tours in Yellowstone National Park.  With our customized tours you don't have to be worried about being the last in the group or too fast for the rest of the group.  Please scroll below for  photos and details of this amazing tour! 

Lone Star Geyser Hiking Adventure

Trip Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate (has some incline and loose rocks)

 On our Lone star Trail Hike we will head out on the less traveled trail to one of our favorite geysers, Lone Star.  On this trail we will meander through the forest looking for birds, learning about this amazing area that is near  Old Faithful, and heading to our destination of a geyser that erupts 30 to 50 feet for 10 to 15 minutes.  At the right angle and sunlight there is often a rainbow within the mist of the geyser.

Trip Location: Old Faithful Lodge

Nearest Lodging: Old Faithful, Grant Village, West Yellowstone, Lake, Fishing Bridge, Madison Campground

Trip Times:  Early in the Morning around 8a.m. is the best  time!

Customized Pricing (4 to 6 hours) includes awesome  lunch customized to your needs, coconut water,  snacks, Professional Naturalist/Biologist, Hiking Poles, Trip photos taken by your guide, lots of smiles and great memories! 

1 person $490

2 people $235(per person)

3 people $205 (per person)

4-5 people $175 (per person)

6-7 people $135 (per person)

more than 7 people $125 (per person)

*** We cannot book these tours online. Please text Alli Shurr(owner) at 239-300-3004  or email the date/time/type of hiking tour, and how many people are in your group. We will get back to you as soon as we get off the trail or water. We look forward to showing you this amazing place.